I have come to Dr. Wu suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the past several years. I have tried to manage it with massage, stretching exercises and wearing arm braces. I have been told, both by colleagues who have had this syndrome and medical practitioners that I would not be able to stave off the condition, and would eventually be required to have surgery followed by physical therapy. The condition worsened and began affecting my sleep. I began acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wu at Oriental Art of Healing Acupuncture Clinic and after only a few weeks, my arms move freely and I am no longer in pain! My career, business and education, which are all computer based, are no longer threatened by this condition. Please, before you go through the expense, pain, and side effects of surgery, months of grueling physical therapy, or the risks and side effects of pain medication, give this a try. Thank you, Dr. Wu, for this absolute and peaceful solution.

Deanna Butzen (8/26/2010)Englewood, CO