At the age of 4, my daughter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (a cancerous tumor) in her eye. She was treated at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with radiation. Initially, this treatment was successful; however, after two years, the doctor gave us the bad news that there was a recurrence of the tumor along with hemorrhages in different parts of her eye. He strongly suggested the immediate removal her eye. We had heard and read about a Chinese treatment called Qigong which helps in healing different ailments including tumors. I found Dr. Henry Wu’s clinic, Oriental Art of Healing, through the internet and decided to try it. Dr. Henry Wu started treating my daughter on March 8th. On April 12th, just a little over one month, my daughter was scheduled for surgery. This was the day we had to decide for the removal of my daughter’s eye. For my wife and myself, the beginning of that day was one of the scariest days of our lives, however, the end of that day was one of the happiest. The doctor found no active cancer nor “any trace of recurrence” as he put it. So I asked him about the hemorrhages, and he stated that “they had all been dissolved.” I have very high respects of Dr. Wu and his practice of Qigong healing.

Josh (April 2006)