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I have suffered from full acne on my face for more than one year. I have seen the dermatologist and tried many remedies without success. Finally, I came to Dr. Wu who thought my problem is caused by the inner heat, especially in the stomach, since I tend to have rich and tasty food. Besides using herb mask for the face, Dr. Wu also treated my inner body with acupuncture and herb tea. After four weeks’ treatment, the acne has gone down by 95 percent.



I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult and for the last four years and have gone to several doctors looking for the right treatment. I was using two inhalers a day, this was affecting my vocal cords, it caused my voice to be hoarse. I did some research on the benefits of acupuncture for asthma related symptoms and decided to try it. I am so glad I did. I started the treatments with Dr. Wu in February of this year, and I have found great relief, I no longer need to use inhalers and my voice is no longer hoarse. Dr. Wu is very professional, and very knowledgeable, the atmosphere at Oriental Art of Healing is very relaxing. I would highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Nancy R. Westminster, CO

Dr. Wu is simply amazing! If he were to ever leave the state I would seriously consider following him! He made my life long battle with asthma virtually disappear – something I never would have believed possible. He also alleviated sinus issues and symptoms of endometriosis. Now my whole family goes to him (including my four year old). Dr. Wu is a master healer – I am grateful on a daily basis (as every wheeze-free breath reminds me) that I have access to him!



I have experienced an annoying back pain for two years. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of the pain and have to take painkiller, which relieved my pain but also produced severe side effects. I learned of Oriental Art of Healing – Acupuncture and Herb Therapy clinic from the yellow pages and decided to have a try. My back pain is gone now after I received two months of acupuncture treatment. I am very happy with the treatment since it is effective, natural and side effect free.

Bob. W

Back in college, I hurt my back bending over and lifting something heavy. The pain was so severe that it landed me on the floor unable to move and unable to breath regularly. The campus doctors gave me some muscle relaxants and my back seemed fine. But every three to five years since then, the episode would repeat when I was lifting something heavy. I’m 40 years old now, and more recently the episodes started to happen every time I was playing with my two-year old daughter on the floor. I would be in pain, unable to move, unable to breath properly, and could not get up off the floor for 10 to 15 minutes after we were done playing. I went to see Dr. Wu. After a couple of appointments the problem stopped and has not repeated itself since. Prior to treatment, I would have never believed that something short of back surgery could have solved my problem. Given another new addition to my family, I have a great deal of floor time scheduled and I’m thankful that Oriental Art of Healing was able to help.

JoeDenver, CO

I, Monique Marie Vredeveld, 84 years of age, has been suffering from a nagging pain in my left hip/butt for more than 4 years. The pain started from a spot in my lower leg approximately 10 cm above my ankle, shooting up to my hip/butt. I have tried physical therapy, a chiropractor, and massage therapy…. no relief at all. My sister, who lives in the Netherlands told me that she was seeing a Chinese therapist for her shoulder and neck pain and got very positive results. So, I search the website and found: “Oriental Art of Healing” and Dr. Henry Wu’s name. I called and got an appointment right away. After every treatment session I always felt so happy. The pain was starting decreased although not completely gone, but I have faith in Dr. Wu. After my fourth session with Dr. Wu’s acupuncture treatment, the pain in my hip/butt was gone, no the painful spot in my lower leg either for 4 days. So on July 4th I participated the “Freedom Run” in Evergreen, although I haven’t been running for 2 years, but I wanted to give it a try. I was alternating between jogging and brisk walking. No pain at all and I won the FIRST PLACE in my age group (70 and up) – a gold medal! I was so happy. It has been now one week since I did the race…. and there is still no pain. Thank you, Dr. Wu, you are THE BEST.

MoniqueDenver, CO

Following a surgery on my low back, I was having a lot of pain, numbness, and tingling in my back, hips, and legs. Physical therapy was not helping, so my surgeon recommended acupuncture. After 13 acupuncture sessions with Connie Presson, I was able to stop taking ibuprofen and naproxen sodium for my pain. I began having great days. It is like having a new life. I have been able to ride my bike like I did in the past!

Jay S.

Breech Baby

Last week (36 weeks pregnant) I learned that my baby was in a breech position and I would need to schedule a C-section in 14 days if she hadn’t changed position by then. I was incredibly disappointed but stepped up my visits with Dr. Wu and after one week acupuncture treatment with Dr Wu, I have learned from an ultrasound with my OB/GYN that the baby has completely flipped and she is just in the right position for a natural delivery! Thanks to Dr. Wu, I’m a HUGE believer in incorporating Western and Eastern techniques for optimal balanced outcomes.

Melanie (4/27/2010)


At the age of 4, my daughter was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (a cancerous tumor) in her eye. She was treated at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center with radiation. Initially, this treatment was successful; however, after two years, the doctor gave us the bad news that there was a recurrence of the tumor along with hemorrhages in different parts of her eye. He strongly suggested the immediate removal her eye. We had heard and read about a Chinese treatment called Qigong which helps in healing different ailments including tumors. I found Dr. Henry Wu’s clinic, Oriental Art of Healing, through the internet and decided to try it. Dr. Henry Wu started treating my daughter on March 8th. On April 12th, just a little over one month, my daughter was scheduled for surgery. This was the day we had to decide for the removal of my daughter’s eye. For my wife and myself, the beginning of that day was one of the scariest days of our lives, however, the end of that day was one of the happiest. The doctor found no active cancer nor “any trace of recurrence” as he put it. So I asked him about the hemorrhages, and he stated that “they had all been dissolved.” I have very high respects of Dr. Wu and his practice of Qigong healing.

Josh (April 2006)

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

I have come to Dr. Wu suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for the past several years. I have tried to manage it with massage, stretching exercises and wearing arm braces. I have been told, both by colleagues who have had this syndrome and medical practitioners that I would not be able to stave off the condition, and would eventually be required to have surgery followed by physical therapy. The condition worsened and began affecting my sleep. I began acupuncture treatments with Dr. Wu at Oriental Art of Healing Acupuncture Clinic and after only a few weeks, my arms move freely and I am no longer in pain! My career, business and education, which are all computer based, are no longer threatened by this condition. Please, before you go through the expense, pain, and side effects of surgery, months of grueling physical therapy, or the risks and side effects of pain medication, give this a try. Thank you, Dr. Wu, for this absolute and peaceful solution.

Deanna Butzen (8/26/2010)Englewood, CO


For as long as I can remember, I suffered from depression. Like most people with the condition, there were times when I felt basically well and other times when I could barely get out of bed. I have been battling depression for the past 15 years and I feel like I have finally defeated it once and for all. To give a little background, I was diagnosed with depression over 15 years ago and in that time span; I have taken SSRIs which worked very well at first. After being on them for several years, like many others, their effects on me started to wane. Even after upping the dosage of some very toxic antidepressants li I saw psychiatrists with no help. I tried many combinations of medications. They did help somewhat, but I had to suffer with significant side effects, including insomnia and weight gain, as well as never really “getting better.” I began seeing Dr. Wu for acupuncture on a friend’s recommendation who I GREATLY APPRECIATED and ADMIRED. This friend highly recommended Dr. Wu who is located at Oriental Art of Healing. Dr. Wu welcomed me into his clinic and demonstrated just how very intuitive he is about how the human body works. With a few questions in the first session, he had honed in on a plethora of symptoms. After only a few visits, my overall condition improved—far more than I got from the years of taking medications. He continued my therapy treatment and a few short months later, my skepticism has melted into tangible relief: my immune system is stronger, and I able to deal with anxiety and stress better, and the dark side seems so much less dark. To my surprise, my internal medicine doctor is also a strong supportive and had only good things to say about acupuncture. I am no longer surviving as a victim of my body, but in greater harmony with it. I believe that I am slowly becoming an around a happy person, and definitely look forward to my weekly visits. I am there and I am fee floating, resting and getting better. Each week I look so forward to my weekly appointment with Dr. Wu that all of other priorities for the day all have learned to become second place. I am so glad that I gave Dr. Wu and acupuncture a try; I fear what I would be like today had I not. I want highly recommend Dr. Henry D. Wu. Please feel free to contact me for a reference.

Jack AllisonDenver, Colorado

Facial Rejuvenation

I am writing to attest to the great results in the elasticity, youthfulness, and lack of stress being held in my face. After 4 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture at Oriental Art of Healing clinic, I can see a significant rejuvenation in my face. I am grateful to have been able to achieve such great results without any cosmetic injections or surgical procedures. Thank you very much.

Amanda Bailey

Trigrminal Nerve Pain

“In summer 2018, I began suffering from a facial pain that, after I saw three doctors and a dentist, was finally correctly diagnosed on October 1, 2018, as trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve pain that became constant and varied only between bad and excruciating.

A neurologist placed me on medication but that wasn’t helping. On November 8, 2018, I came to Dr. Sharon Weng at Oriental Art of Healing Acupuncuter clinic to begin acupuncture treatments. Sharon told me that she was familiar with trigeminal nerve pain and had successfully treated it before. With acupuncture I saw relief as the excruciating pain subsided. However, some pain endured for several months, during which time Sharon was always helpful and encouraging. In January 2019 I began having a few pain-free days, until (finally!) on March 9, 2019, the pain ended. I want to thank Sharon for her treatment and support during the many weeks needed to overcome this persistent pain.”  — John, Engineer

John, Engineer

Infertility/IVF & IUI Support/Sperm Issues

[October 2008] My daughter, Jamie, has a history of migraine headaches and had her first when she was 3 years old. When she and her husband decided to have a baby, they found that they had to have in vitro fertilization and decided to have the procedure done in the Czech Republic. During the process, her ovaries were stimulated in order to produce more eggs than normal, and, after the fertilized eggs were implanted into her uterus, she developed a condition called ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS), in which the ovaries grew to the size of grapefruits and produced so much progestin that more fluid developed than her blood vessels could carry and the fluid leaked into her abdomen. The swollen ovaries were very painful, and the fluid buildup was so great that she became short of breath. She was hardly able to walk or function normally in her life because of the pain. The first time the doctors drained the fluid, they drained three liters from her abdomen. This procedure was repeated three more times with three to four liters of fluid removed from her abdomen each time. Soon after her return from the in vitro fertilization procedure, the doctors did an ultrasound and discovered an implanted fetus and also an empty placental sac which was attached in a position at or over her cervix. This concerned the doctors greatly since the cervix would not stop bleeding if this sac became detached. At the same time, her migraine headaches became more frequent. The doctors prescribed pain medication, but grew reluctant to continue this regime. At that time, Jamie was in her tenth week of pregnancy, we sought out Dr. Henry Wu for help with pain and the hyper-stimulation. Starting on September 4th, Dr. Wu has done eight acupuncture procedures to Jamie over four weeks, and, by this time, the ovaries are of normal size, and are no longer producing fluid. Although the migraine headaches still seem to be there, they are no longer so severe as to require medication. Jamie is no longer in pain from the hyper-stimulation; she can drive, walk and resume her normal life! She intends to continue acupuncture as needed.

[Note added in April, 2009] Jamie has delivered a healthy baby boy on February 19, 2009. Although he was a month early, he weighed almost 7 pounds. He is now two months old and weighs almost 12 pounds and is doing very well. The empty placental sac was delivered along with the placenta and baby and was an empty and shriveled bit of tissue. Jamie’s migraines have not returned as of this date.

Sandra EricksonDenver, Colorado

I am 34 years old. My husband and I had been trying to conceive our first child for 7 months but had not been successful, and I was frustrated and concerned that there may be a problem. We started to see Dr. Wu, and within 2 months I was pregnant. I continued seeing Dr. Wu through my entire pregnancy. I did not have any morning sickness and felt great the whole time. We now have a healthy and beautiful baby boy! Thank you Dr. Wu!


I am 33 years old male. We are married 7 years back. Initially we thought we settle well economically and then go for kids. After 5 years passed, we decided to go for kids and we tried for 6 months and no results. We went to physician she tested my wife and said everything is normal and asked me have semen analysis and that revealed the 100% abnormal forms and 0.01 million count. We asked doctor how can I get it improved, she said nothing is garneted but asked me change my life style and also gave some medications. I was on medicines for 1 year and there was not much improvement except count went to 5 million. We were frustrated with our situation and asked her what could be the NEXT STEP, She suggested only way is go for IUI. We went for IUI and there was no result and IUI expert said as I had no normal forms it is very very difficult with my sperm, and suggested to go for IVF. We consulted one of the best IVF centers and they explained us the cost will be around $27000 which was huge for us but there was no choice, we decided to go for it and spent everything from our savings. But the IVF was not successful and we are left with no path. IVF expert asked me to consult Urologist for evaluating my situation, he did different tests and confirmed everything is normal and he can’t help me and suggested to go for IVF again. I was not in position to go for IVF again moreover my wife was suffering from side effects from previous IVF. There is no path before me and don’t know what to do. I started thinking what could be the next step and I went and googled a lot found there are other ways of treating this and evaluated different substitutes and finally chosen Acupuncture. The next task is choosing the expert. I again used google and with my research I found Dr. Wu can help me and I approached him and explained everything, he said it is definitely curable and he asked both of us to go through the treatment and when he explained how this works, we both were so happy and we completely believed Dr. Wu and followed the schedule and Herbal medicine. By GOD grace after exactly 5 months of treatment I went for test, the result had shown normal count is 22 million and 80% were normal forms. First time after 2 years of struggle mentally and economically the FIRST TIME I had laugh on my face and happiness in my heart .I thanked Dr. Wu for his great effort and continued the treatment and after 2 months we heard the GOOD NEWS, smiling face on pregnancy test stick, ahh what a movement in life, thanks GOD and thanks a lot Dr. Wu. I know lot of couple are in same situation where I was in and with my history , my best suggestion is before considering IVF best consider consulting Acupuncture and more than any body in this world I suggest Dr. Wu just not as Doctor and also as motivator and good human being.


After several failed IUI and IVF attempts and miscarriages, I decided to try acupuncture with Connie Presson. I was so stressed out and feeling depleted. Connie was very compassionate, calming, and encouraging. My next IVF was successful and without miscarriage. I continued receiving acupuncture throughout my pregnancy. This definitely helped with my stress, morning sickness, and an easy labor process! And my baby girl has such a calm disposition that must also be attributed to the treatments during my pregnancy!

Susan L (July, 2015)

After unsuccessfully (and without explanation) trying to conceive a second child for almost 10 months, and opposed to more invasive measures, I decided to try acupuncture. Connie Presson immediately set my mind at ease about the acupuncture process, and explained everything clearly and carefully. Throughout every visit she displayed compassion and competence — and a clear understanding of the human body and, of course, human fertility. Over the span of two and a half months I visited her weekly, leading to a successful pregnancy!”
“I looked forward to my weekly acupuncture sessions, which were always calming and relaxing, and a nice “break” in my day. Connie was able to help me in many ways beyond successful conception. She also addressed other issues I battle, including menstrual cramping, mood swings, hormone-related headaches and acne, and PMS. I could tell a difference in my mood and period-related symptoms by the first menstrual cycle I had after beginning acupuncture and the Chinese herbs she recommended. Lastly, after conceiving, I continued to visit Connie to help with morning sickness. I found acupuncture to be one of the few things that actually relieved my symptoms and could make me feel human again!”
“If you are struggling with infertility or facing other reproductive health-related issues, I strongly recommend you try acupuncture with Connie at The Oriental Art of Healing Acupuncture Clinic! The staff is friendly, kind, and it is clear that they truly care about your health and wellness.

Emily S. (2016)

Joint Pain

After suffering from a chronic leg problem of a gripping tightness, stiffness and general leg discomfort, Dr Wu’s treatment relieved the pain through several sessions of acupuncture. I also suffered from gastritis and an occasional burning in my throat. Once again he was able to address the areas of concern with his expertise of years in his field and eliminate my throat issue. During my visits with Dr. Wu another problem came into play in the form of a mild shoulder muscle injury. After applying the needles in the appropriate areas for a few sessions, Dr. Wu had successfully alleviated that muscle soreness also. The environment of the clinic is extremely clean, comfortable, quite and peaceful. Dr. Wu is polite and soft spoken and will answer any question with his vast knowledge of healing therapy. I can only speak for myself but my experience was successful and would definitely recommend his services.

Jim (April 2011)Denver, Colorado

Skin Problems

I came to see Dr. Wu after suffering from a red, itchy, widespread skin rash for a week. I had seen a dermatologist, who was unable to give me a diagnosis but recommended I stop nursing my 5 month old for a week and take Prednisone, a steroid. The dermatologist seemed to believe this was the only solution but given the potential side effects of the drug and my daughter’s needs, I definitely did not want to take it. I am happy to say that after one acupuncture treatment and four days of Chinese herbs, my rash was 90% better. After another treatment and another round of herbs, it is completely gone. Thank you Dr. Wu!

Jennifer Pillari, MSOM, L.Ac, Dipl.OM


When I followed Doctor Connie Presson to this practice, I was not sure how I would like her new office. Indeed I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. The Oriental Art of Healing acupuncture center is calm, relaxing, a fresh breath of Zen and healing. I knew instantly I would enjoy Dr. Presson’s new office. The staff is very friendly and hospitable, always with a smile. The atmosphere is indeed the most comfortable part. I can really focus on my healing while in the office. Dr. Presson brings a depth of feminine healing, mental clarity and body pain healing for me when I am in need of such relief. She now treats me during my pregnancy to provide care for me and my child. I am so thankful that Dr. Presson is continuing her career at such a reputable, comforting and healing office.

Nicole B. (Oct 2015)

Women Health

I am 36 years old and was diagnosed secondary amenorrhea (discontinuation of the menses) 2 years ago. The clinical and lab works did not show abnormal except a higher FSH level. My medical doctor told me that I may have a premature ovary failure. After 5 months treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs at Oriental Art of Healing clinic, my menstrual period comes back (the periods were irregular at first but now become regular and I feel great). Dr. Wu is caring, and knowledgeable and treats my whole person – physical, mind and lifestyle, including diet instruction. I would strongly recommend Oriental Art of Healing clinic.


I have had severe migraine headaches and PMS for over 20 years and have taken pain medications before I started seeing Dr. Wu 3 months ago. My migraine started improving just after the first visit and my PMS symptoms have been gone for the last two menstrual cycles. I always felt so relaxed and happier during and after the treatment. Dr. Wu is very knowledgeable, smart and caring; he is always happy to answer any question that I may have. The clinic feels very cozy and elegant. I would highly recommend Dr. Wu to my friends.

Lylie C (May 30,2012)CO

I started seeing Dr. Wu in April 2009 for treatment of symptoms from a uterine fibroid and for menopause. Acupuncture reduced my symptoms dramatically. I continue to see Dr. Wu regularly. My blood pressure is lower and the psoriasis on my knees has cleared up almost completely. I do not get sick as often and recover much more quickly when I do get a cold. Dr. Wu has an extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has the experience and expertise to treat a wide variety of conditions with excellent results. I always feel better following an acupuncture treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Sue Evans (March 2012)

In 2012 I was diagnosed with vulvadynia. I was in severe pain every day, all day long. I tried estrogen cream, anti-inflammatory cream, a low oxylate diet, lidocaine, diflucan, prednisone, a tricyclic antidepressant, and various supplements. Nothing seemed to work. On a scale of 10 I was an 7-8 in pain and miserable!! I decided to try acupuncture and fortunately found Dr. Wu. He has been a life changer! I really appreciate his calm demeanor, utmost professionalism and patience. I cannot recommend Dr. Wu enough. Right now my pain is almost completely gone, I feel normal and am a much happier person.

Sylvia J (January 2015)


In 2012 I was diagnosed with vulvadynia. I was in severe pain every day, all day long. I tried estrogen cream, anti-inflammatory cream, a low oxylate diet, lidocaine, diflucan, prednisone, a tricyclic antidepressant, and various supplements. Nothing seemed to work. On a scale of 10 I was an 7-8 in pain and miserable!! I decided to try acupuncture and fortunately found Dr. Wu. He has been a life changer! I really appreciate his calm demeanor, utmost professionalism and patience. I cannot recommend Dr. Wu enough. Right now my pain is almost completely gone, I feel normal and am a much happier person.


Complex Cases

Dear Dr. Wu: I am writing this note as a sincere thank you for your care. After enduring a fruitless year long medical query into my symptoms, I was referred to you. I had been experiencing a progressive misery of symptoms that included dizziness, lack of memory, lack of vocabulary, stuttering, imbalance, inability to concentrate or read, sensation of falling, and continuous feeling of cold air blowing across my brain. I had been to numerous physicians and been given numerous medications which seemed only to make matters worse. Also, I had undergone various expensive tests, scans and blood samples. I was at my limit of tolerance. I was unable to work. I could only find any relief by lying still. So, I came to you for evaluation. You put me on twice per week acupuncture treatments and added herb therapy. Also you made lifestyle change suggestions and evaluated my medicine list. Progressively, week by week I improved. I was able to return to work. I was also able to take a brief class and an overseas trip which I had not thought that I would be able to handle. Recently, I was promoted at work and continue to improve. Your calm demeanor, treatment and advice have given me back a good quality of life and hugely decreased symptoms. I will continue my acupuncture and my current program, which includes minimal medication and weekly massage therapy. Thanks so much!

Mark Fleming (Jan 16, 2012)

I had problems walking and numbness in my legs and feet. I was having trouble with my balance as well. My wife recommended Dr. Wu and reluctantly I went. I am now a full believer! Dr. Wu worked with me and my problem has been reduced dramatically. Not only is he extremely skilled, he is also one of the most supportive and kind people I have ever met. Thank you Dr. Wu for everything you have done for me, you are the greatest!

Bob Evans (Feb 2013)Littleton, CO

My daughter had a bad, persistent cough that lasted for months. We took her to our primary care physician and he prescribed a round of antibiotics for ten days. The cough didn’t go away so he ordered an x-ray and blood drawn. When that came back normal he suggested she might need to be put under and have a scope inserted to see if she swallowed something that was causing the cough. That’s when we took her to Dr. Wu. After one hour of acupuncture and a few nights of a special tea he made for her – the cough was completely gone! He is now her primary care doctor!

R.R (March 2012)Castle Rock, Colorado

I have the highest praise for Dr. Wu! After suffering for weeks with terrible pain in my legs and feet I am completely healed. I had a feeling of tightness, burning, stiffness and even sharp jabbing pain from my hips to the bottoms of my feet and after 1 visit I felt as though, I have found someone who can heal me! Dr. Wu listened to my complaints and after evaluation I decided to begin Qigong. This has been the best decision regarding my health I have ever made! Thank you Dr. Wu, I truly believe you have saved my life.

SandraDenver, CO

Dr. Wu is simply amazing! If he were to ever leave the state I would seriously consider following him! He made my life long bout with asthma virtually disappear – something I never would have believed possible. He also alleviated sinus issues and symptoms of endometriosis. Now my whole family goes to him (including my four year old). Dr. Wu is a master healer – I am grateful on a daily basis (as every wheeze-free breath reminds me) that I have access to him!

Desiree (March, 2012)