For as long as I can remember, I suffered from depression. Like most people with the condition, there were times when I felt basically well and other times when I could barely get out of bed. I have been battling depression for the past 15 years and I feel like I have finally defeated it once and for all. To give a little background, I was diagnosed with depression over 15 years ago and in that time span; I have taken SSRIs which worked very well at first. After being on them for several years, like many others, their effects on me started to wane. Even after upping the dosage of some very toxic antidepressants li I saw psychiatrists with no help. I tried many combinations of medications. They did help somewhat, but I had to suffer with significant side effects, including insomnia and weight gain, as well as never really “getting better.” I began seeing Dr. Wu for acupuncture on a friend’s recommendation who I GREATLY APPRECIATED and ADMIRED. This friend highly recommended Dr. Wu who is located at Oriental Art of Healing. Dr. Wu welcomed me into his clinic and demonstrated just how very intuitive he is about how the human body works. With a few questions in the first session, he had honed in on a plethora of symptoms. After only a few visits, my overall condition improved—far more than I got from the years of taking medications. He continued my therapy treatment and a few short months later, my skepticism has melted into tangible relief: my immune system is stronger, and I able to deal with anxiety and stress better, and the dark side seems so much less dark. To my surprise, my internal medicine doctor is also a strong supportive and had only good things to say about acupuncture. I am no longer surviving as a victim of my body, but in greater harmony with it. I believe that I am slowly becoming an around a happy person, and definitely look forward to my weekly visits. I am there and I am fee floating, resting and getting better. Each week I look so forward to my weekly appointment with Dr. Wu that all of other priorities for the day all have learned to become second place. I am so glad that I gave Dr. Wu and acupuncture a try; I fear what I would be like today had I not. I want highly recommend Dr. Henry D. Wu. Please feel free to contact me for a reference.

Jack AllisonDenver, Colorado