After unsuccessfully (and without explanation) trying to conceive a second child for almost 10 months, and opposed to more invasive measures, I decided to try acupuncture. Connie Presson immediately set my mind at ease about the acupuncture process, and explained everything clearly and carefully. Throughout every visit she displayed compassion and competence — and a clear understanding of the human body and, of course, human fertility. Over the span of two and a half months I visited her weekly, leading to a successful pregnancy!”
“I looked forward to my weekly acupuncture sessions, which were always calming and relaxing, and a nice “break” in my day. Connie was able to help me in many ways beyond successful conception. She also addressed other issues I battle, including menstrual cramping, mood swings, hormone-related headaches and acne, and PMS. I could tell a difference in my mood and period-related symptoms by the first menstrual cycle I had after beginning acupuncture and the Chinese herbs she recommended. Lastly, after conceiving, I continued to visit Connie to help with morning sickness. I found acupuncture to be one of the few things that actually relieved my symptoms and could make me feel human again!”
“If you are struggling with infertility or facing other reproductive health-related issues, I strongly recommend you try acupuncture with Connie at The Oriental Art of Healing Acupuncture Clinic! The staff is friendly, kind, and it is clear that they truly care about your health and wellness.

Emily S. (2016)