I have been seeing Dr. Wu for several months now. I was seeking alternative treatment for two types of irregular heart rhythms. I had been taking medication prescribed by my cardologist which controlled the issue for awhile and then I began having irregular rhythms frequently. My cardiologist recommended an extensive abaltion procedure which would require me to be under general anesthesia for up to four hours. Before I decided on this I saw Dr. Wu. because of his background and since he was previously a cardiologist. Needless to say, I cannot be happier I did. After servall months under his care I have stopped having the irregular heart rhythms. I still continue the medicaions prescribed by my cardiologist because of the history of my condition. The result of the combination of traditional and non-traditional treatment by Dr. Wu has been what I have been looking for in terms of results. I am forever thankful to him.

Paul GutierrezColorado