Back in college, I hurt my back bending over and lifting something heavy. The pain was so severe that it landed me on the floor unable to move and unable to breath regularly. The campus doctors gave me some muscle relaxants and my back seemed fine. But every three to five years since then, the episode would repeat when I was lifting something heavy. I’m 40 years old now, and more recently the episodes started to happen every time I was playing with my two-year old daughter on the floor. I would be in pain, unable to move, unable to breath properly, and could not get up off the floor for 10 to 15 minutes after we were done playing. I went to see Dr. Wu. After a couple of appointments the problem stopped and has not repeated itself since. Prior to treatment, I would have never believed that something short of back surgery could have solved my problem. Given another new addition to my family, I have a great deal of floor time scheduled and I’m thankful that Oriental Art of Healing was able to help.

JoeDenver, CO