I am 33 years old male. We are married 7 years back. Initially we thought we settle well economically and then go for kids. After 5 years passed, we decided to go for kids and we tried for 6 months and no results. We went to physician she tested my wife and said everything is normal and asked me have semen analysis and that revealed the 100% abnormal forms and 0.01 million count. We asked doctor how can I get it improved, she said nothing is garneted but asked me change my life style and also gave some medications. I was on medicines for 1 year and there was not much improvement except count went to 5 million. We were frustrated with our situation and asked her what could be the NEXT STEP, She suggested only way is go for IUI. We went for IUI and there was no result and IUI expert said as I had no normal forms it is very very difficult with my sperm, and suggested to go for IVF. We consulted one of the best IVF centers and they explained us the cost will be around $27000 which was huge for us but there was no choice, we decided to go for it and spent everything from our savings. But the IVF was not successful and we are left with no path. IVF expert asked me to consult Urologist for evaluating my situation, he did different tests and confirmed everything is normal and he can’t help me and suggested to go for IVF again. I was not in position to go for IVF again moreover my wife was suffering from side effects from previous IVF. There is no path before me and don’t know what to do. I started thinking what could be the next step and I went and googled a lot found there are other ways of treating this and evaluated different substitutes and finally chosen Acupuncture. The next task is choosing the expert. I again used google and with my research I found Dr. Wu can help me and I approached him and explained everything, he said it is definitely curable and he asked both of us to go through the treatment and when he explained how this works, we both were so happy and we completely believed Dr. Wu and followed the schedule and Herbal medicine. By GOD grace after exactly 5 months of treatment I went for test, the result had shown normal count is 22 million and 80% were normal forms. First time after 2 years of struggle mentally and economically the FIRST TIME I had laugh on my face and happiness in my heart .I thanked Dr. Wu for his great effort and continued the treatment and after 2 months we heard the GOOD NEWS, smiling face on pregnancy test stick, ahh what a movement in life, thanks GOD and thanks a lot Dr. Wu. I know lot of couple are in same situation where I was in and with my history , my best suggestion is before considering IVF best consider consulting Acupuncture and more than any body in this world I suggest Dr. Wu just not as Doctor and also as motivator and good human being.