Dear Dr. Wu: Please accept my sincere appreciation for your exceptional work in treating my Glaucoma. I have had Glaucoma since I was a young person, and retain only 5 to 10% of my optic nerves. As I mentioned to you at my first appointment, It has been a many year struggle to maintain my eye pressures at a level considered acceptable by my ophthalmologist. After four eye operations and numerous eye medications, which were unhelpful in keeping the pressures under control, I read that Acupuncture could be very helpful for Glaucoma. I did a lot of research and definitely wanted to find a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor with the highest distinction of Diplomat. That is how I found you, Dr. Henry Wu. Within one month of acupuncture treatments, you have returned my eye pressures to the normal range. I consider you, Dr. Wu to be my ‘miracle worker’. You have my trust and my confidence and I shall continue my treatments with you. I shall be telling everyone how Dr. Wu has helped me.

Patricia A. Griggs