Dear Dr. Wu: I am writing this note as a sincere thank you for your care. After enduring a fruitless year long medical query into my symptoms, I was referred to you. I had been experiencing a progressive misery of symptoms that included dizziness, lack of memory, lack of vocabulary, stuttering, imbalance, inability to concentrate or read, sensation of falling, and continuous feeling of cold air blowing across my brain. I had been to numerous physicians and been given numerous medications which seemed only to make matters worse. Also, I had undergone various expensive tests, scans and blood samples. I was at my limit of tolerance. I was unable to work. I could only find any relief by lying still. So, I came to you for evaluation. You put me on twice per week acupuncture treatments and added herb therapy. Also you made lifestyle change suggestions and evaluated my medicine list. Progressively, week by week I improved. I was able to return to work. I was also able to take a brief class and an overseas trip which I had not thought that I would be able to handle. Recently, I was promoted at work and continue to improve. Your calm demeanor, treatment and advice have given me back a good quality of life and hugely decreased symptoms. I will continue my acupuncture and my current program, which includes minimal medication and weekly massage therapy. Thanks so much!

Mark Fleming (Jan 16, 2012)