Sharon Yingping Weng

Sharon Yingping Weng
MD (China), MS, Dipl.Ac
Houston Clinic

Sharon Yingping Weng, MD (China), MS, Dipl.Ac, has over 30 years acupuncture & Chinese herb medicine clinical experience in China and the USA. She graduated with her MD degree in Chinese medicine from a 5-year medical program at Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China and has been certified by NCCAOM in the United States. Dr. Weng was an attending physician at Fujian Province People’s Hospital, Fuzhou, China, where she has practiced acupuncture and Chinese medicine for 10 years before practicing in the USA.

As a widely liked clinical practitioner, Dr. Weng has distinguished experience in treating numerous clinical conditions including but no limited to: Infertility (women & men), stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, back/neck/joint pain, facial rejuvenation, women’s diseases, asthma, allergies, IBS, TMJ, immune disorders, etc.

Yingping came from a family with a tradition of Chinese medical practice. Her well-known clinical skills and caring personality are thought a gift inherited from her grandfather, who was a famous Chinese medical doctor of the town. Dr. Weng’s hobbies including dancing, Yoga and playing piano. She is also a graceful Tai-chi teacher.

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