Isshaela Ingham

Isshaela Ingham is originally from Vermont and has lived in Denver since 2002. Ingham has a combined background in the arts and sciences with an MA in Liberal Studies and MS in Oriental Medicine. Isshaela Ingham has been a student and practitioner of Oriental Medicine for over ten years. She has been practicing/teaching Iyengar yoga since 2001 and practicing Qigong since 2008. Her love of Asian culture and sharing the wisdom of ancient medicine in its many forms, led Ingham to pursue a career as a practitioner and educator of Oriental Medicine. She integrates her practice of Oriental medicine with Qigong and yoga and coordinates educational workshops and non-profit fundraisers. While at CSTCM, Isshaela worked in the medical library, herbal pharmacy and acupuncture clinic for 3 years. She has practiced within yoga wellness centers for the last 5 years and formerly held positions teaching and marketing within academia, working for the Liberal Studies Program at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, the University of Limoges (France) and the University of

Ingham loves working with both the art and medical communities to encourage cross-cultural events and education. She is on the board and is Treasurer for ClearStream Integrative Medicine. She has worked as a consultant within the Oriental Medicine community on projects including marketing, product development, education, workshops and events. Ingham helps clients with designing more experiential and health-promoting work spaces. She is on the board of ClearStream integrated medicine, a nonprofit organization and the Asian Art Association supporting the Asian Art Department of the Denver Art Museum though a wide range of educational lectures, enriching programs, and exciting events such as the one she recently organized, Medicine as Art, Art as Medicine

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