Henry D. Wu
MD, MS, Dipl.Ac
Founder, Denver & Houston Clinics

Henry D. Wu, MD, MS, Dipl.Ac, graduated from Sun Yat-Sen Medical College, one of the top three medical colleges (and the only 6-year medical program) in China. He was further trained in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and medical Qigong at Fujian Traditional Chinese Medical College Hospital. Henry had been a cardiologist and practiced integrated Western-Chinese medicine for 9 years before practicing in the United States. Dr. Wu also holds his Master’s degree in molecular biology in the United States and had years of experience in cardiology and cancer research at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX.

Henry is a Houston’s top doctor on Houston’s top doctors list 2017, H Texas.

Dr. Wu is certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to NCCAOM in USA. He is a professional member and certified Level IV Qigong Teacher, a top certification, of American National Qigong Association (NQA). Henry is also a Chinese calligraphy artist, influenced by his father and granduncle, both of whom were well respected Chinese herbalists and calligraphy artists.

Dr. Wu has a very unique academic background that integrates Western medicine, Chinese medicine and molecular-medical sciences; his personality and intellectual character are deeply enriched by the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophy, culture and calligraphy (a most sophisticate form of Chinese fine art), all of which gives him a wide-angle vision and deep insights in his clinical practice. 

Over his 30 years clinic practice, Dr. Wu has successfully treated thousands of acute, chronic and difficult cases. His calm and caring personality, as well as talented clinical skills and healing power are greatly praised among his patients. Henry has now become a well-known and highly recommended acupuncturist, Chinese medical doctor and Qigong teacher in Colorado, Texas and other states in USA.

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